Choose a Mattress for a Child

For the health and welfare of a child, sleep is important. Several studies have shown that memory, immune system responsiveness, and even school performance are impaired by adequate sleep. Consider the quality of materials along with the type of mattress and firmness level when shopping for the right mattress for your infant, toddler, or teen. Ideally, you will want to buy a mattress on which your child will be able to develop for many years. Using our guide below for children’s mattress buyers to support you on your shopping journey.

Select the right size

Do not purchase on price alone when it comes to a mattress for your infant. Your child does much of its growth when sleeping, so it is vital that the mattress is of adequate quality to properly support them. Make sure a reputable company makes it and you buy it from a trustworthy retailer or website. If you are buying for a cabin or bunk bed, stick to under a legally permitted weight and thickness. In order to prevent the child from rolling out of bed, the main argument here is that the top of the mattress should be at least 16 cm below the top of the side/end bars. Most types of sprung or foam mattresses are appropriate for children, but a good practical alternative is foam ones with reusable, washable, or dry cleanable coverings.

Baby and Crib

Comfort, breathability, quality of fabrics, and value for money were checked for the mattresses in this round-up. We also took into account how long each mattress was going to last and how the research behind its claims was explicitly built with kids in mind. You will need to get your crib ready if you are shopping for a mattress for your new baby. Crib mattresses have a minimum size, but they can differ slightly, so when you search for a mattress, you may want to have the dimensions of your crib handy. Toddler beds will help your child move from a crib to a mattress for a “big baby.”

To keep your child from rolling out of bed, a toddler bed has a low railing or partial railing. Throughout the night, toddler beds may help you feel better about the safety of your child, but they are not always required. Some parents prefer to go straight to their toddler’s regular twin bed. You have a few more choices if you are shopping for a mattress for a kid. The most popular mattress size for a young child is a twin mattress, but some parents will adopt a mentality of ‘space to develop’ and buy a full mattress that the child would be happier within their teen years. There are also Twin XL mattresses available that provide additional duration.

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