Best mattress for hip pain 2020

Research reveals that 1 out of 14 Americans suffer from hip pain. Surprisingly this figure reaches 1 out 7 over 60 years of age. Though hip pain requires special treatment by medical experts, your daily habits can reduce this pain. A slight change in your lifestyle and things will improve. The most important thing is to choose the right mattress for you. You sleep for 8 hours on average. If you sleep well, there is a huge chance that you will get rid of your hip pain. The mattress that is too firm causes you hip pain because pressure points are build up. It is important to choose a mattress that is suitable for you. For more guide visit simplyrest.

best mattresses to get relief from hip pain (2020)

The best mattress to get rid of hip pain comes with multiple comfort layers. The comfort system consists of two layers of memory foam. The thickness of this mattress is 11 inches. Right below the comfort layers, there comes the support core, which consists of polyfoam. This mattress comes in various versions concerning firmness. The medium-soft version has a firmness level of 4. the medium firm mattress has a firmness level of 6. the firm mattress has a firmness level of 7 or 8 out of 10. The medium-soft version of this mattress has gel-infused foam, which acts as an excellent cooler. The heat released from the body is taken away. These variants are according to personal needs and preferences. The lightweight sleepers prefer a medium soft mattress. The heavyweight sleepers prefer firm support. This mattress is considered ideal for people suffering from hip pain as it contains multiple comfort layers and supports the core. The pressure is released from pressure points. It gives that “hug” of memory foam plus excellent support to the hip and lowers back. Another impressive product has been introduced in the market. The thickness of this mattress is 10 inches. The comfort layer consists of graphite memory foam with the gel inside. The base layer is made of dense polyfoam. Right above the base layer, another polyfoam layer comes. This mattress is quite suitable for people weighing above 130 pounds because it has a firm surface. The less firm surface will sink the body inside the mattress resulting in spinal misalignment. Heavyweight sleepers with hip pain can benefit from this mattress. The firm surface will provide support and conform to the body. This mattress top rated in terms of pressure-relieving. The shipping charges are free, and it is backed with 10 years long warranty plus a 100-day sleep trial. Another mattress for lightweight and average weight sleepers who suffer from back pain has been introduced. This mattress has a firmness level of 5.  This is a hybrid mattress. It is made up of foam and innerspring. The mattress has a thickness of 12 inches. This mattress has excellent body-conforming and provides exceptional support. Due to its medium firmness level, it is best suited for normal-weight individuals.